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Afghan Women's Media Organizing Project

The Afghan Women's Media Organizing Project is a collaboration between Women In Media & News and Women for Afghan Women (WAW), a community-based Afghan women's rights group.

Supported by the Funding Exchange's Media Justice Fund, WIMN and WAW have joined together to hold media accountable for coverage of Afghan, Muslim and immigrant women and the issues that affect them, and pressure media to produce more diverse, accurate and authentic representations of this multi-faceted community.

Project efforts include:

  • Media trainings and infrastructure development to increase the effectiveness of WAW's media outreach and advocacy efforts

  • Community discussions about media representations with women from the Afghan community in Queens, N.Y.

  • A content analysis study of local, regional and ethnic media coverage of Afghan, Muslim and immigrant women

  • Editorial board meetings with local, regional and ethnic media, and

  • Production and distribution of "Beyond the Burqua," a guide for journalists covering Afghan, Muslim and immigrant women and the issues that affect them

Through these and other efforts, WIMN and WAW are working to empower Afghan women and their advocates to transform the role of media in their lives and create significant change in the way media relate to their community.


During November 2005, WIMN helped WAW promote UnSeenAmerica: Beyond the Window, a photography exhibit by Afghan women organized by WAW. For more details about the event, view WIMN's press release.

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Women for Afghan Women in the News

New York Newsday highlighted the insights and expertise of Manizha Naderi, the director of WAW, in the feature article "Feminists: the young and restless; Newer grassroots movement grows with wider focus on bigger issues" (Oct. 13, 2005).

For more stories about Women for Afghan Women, visit WAW's press section.

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