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Media Analysis

WIMN's media analysis program raises awareness of pervasive myths, exposes sexism and other biases in media content and debunks inaccurate and misleading coverage. We also call attention to culturally enriching entertainment options as well as journalists producing critical, thoughtful and balanced coverage.

The following are some of the ways we help concerned individuals understand, confront and critique representations of women in news and entertainment media.

Multimedia Lecture Series

WIMN's multimedia presentations give students and community activists a deeper understanding of of women, media, politics and pop culture. Participants learn critical media literacy skills, and gain tools to begin advocating for media justice.

Topics include: reality TV as backlash against women; double standards in media coverage of female politicians; the marginalization of women's voices in coverage of war and terrorism; and other important media issues.

Find out more about these and other presentations, read what participants say about the experience, and learn how to bring WIMN's analysis to your campus or community.

WIMN's Articles & Essays

Read WIMN's articles, op-eds and essays published in outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Newsday, Ms., Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, Women's Review of Books, Media Development, AlterNet.org, Women's eNews.org, TomPaine.com, and a variety of academic and political anthologies.

Conferences, Forums and Public Discussions

WIMN is regularly involved in conferences and other public discussions exploring a wide range of issues related to women, media, politics and popular culture. Check out the topics WIMN has discussed recently, and learn how you can involve WIMN in your next event.

WIMN's Voices: A Group Blog on Women, Media, AND…

WIMN's Voices, a groundbreaking group blog, features information and commentary from more than 50 leading women journalists, media analysts, scholars, activists and academics. These opinion leaders monitor the portrayals of women in media coverage of economics, race issues, war, science, sports, violence, health, international politics, domestic policy and more.

At a time when major media have recognized the power of blogs yet claim women's perspectives are absent from this new frontier, WIMN's Voices highlights analyses by such notable women as Jill Nelson, Medea Benjamin, Lakshmi Chaudry, Deepa Fernandes, Makani Themba Nixon, Malkia Cyril, Helen Zia, Andi Zeisler, Jessica Valenti and many others. Read more about WIMN's Voices bloggers.

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Additional Components

WIMN in the News

WIMN is a regular source for journalists and media producers seeking informed, unbeholden commentary on representations of women and the issues that affect them in news, entertainment media, advertising and pop culture.

Read what WIMN's been saying to outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, People magazine, Advertising Age, ABC News Now, Fox News Network, Comedy Central, Pacifica Radio and more.

WIMN's Words Alert List

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