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Support Women In Media & News

Since 2001, Women In Media & News has worked to increase women's presence and power in the public debate — and we haven't done it alone. Support from foundations and people like you has made all the difference.

Whether you can volunteer your time, make a tax-deductible gift, sponsor a presentation or promote our programs, please consider supporting WIMN. Here's how you can help:

Contribute | Donate an item on WIMN's Wish List | Volunteer

Contribute to WIMN

WIMN does an enormous amount of work on a small budget. We need your support to propel women's voices onto the public stage, help journalists to create better, more diverse media, and empower women to work for media justice.

Every dollar you give to WIMN goes a long way. For example:

  • $30 hosts our website for one month

  • $50 provides media training materials for a grassroots women's organization

  • $100 buys enough blank DVDs for us to monitor two months of inaccurate and misrepresentative news programming and sexist reality TV shows

  • $300 helps us connect the diverse network of women experts in WIMN's POWER Sources Project with thousands of journalists
    and media producers nationwide

  • $500 pays for travel expenses for WIMN to represent women's concerns at conferences and hearings related to the democratization of media policy

To make a tax-deductible gift, you can:

1. Donate online via the secure website of our fiscal sponsor, MADRE.

2. Click here for a printable form you can mail or fax to MADRE.

3. Call MADRE [212-627-0444] to make a donation by phone. Be sure to mention that your gift is for Women In Media & News.

MADRE, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is an international women's human rights organization that works in partnership with community-based women's groups worldwide. MADRE's strong record of using donor contributions wisely and transparently has been recognized with a four-star Efficiency Rating (the highest given) from Charity Navigator, the largest independent evaluator of charity organizations in the US.

MADRE keeps only 5 percent of the donations sent to WIMN for administrative costs, which means 95 percent of your gift directly funds WIMN's programs.

4. Double the impact of your contribution: Many companies will match charitable gifts made by their employees dollar-for-dollar. To request a matching gift, complete the form on your company's website or check with your human resources department or benefits administrator to find out if you can take advantage of such a program.

If you have questions, please call WIMN at 347-564-5190.

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WIMN's Wish List

Looking for other ways to contribute? Donate an item on our wish list!

Our number one wish is for office space or incubation by an academic instituion, a non-profit or a foundation in New York City. Please contact Jennifer L. Pozner, WIMN's Executive Director, if your organization or company can house WIMN for a minimum of one to two years.

WIMN could put the following items to great use:

  • Office supplies (printer paper, folders, pens, redwells, postage materials, etc.)
  • Laptop computer (PC) in great working condition, with good amount of memory and wireless capability
  • External hard drive (PC)
  • Current Bacons Media Source or the Yellow Book for News Media
  • Blank DVDs and VHS tapes
  • Small fax machine
  • Color laser printer
  • Digital video recorder (DVR) with advanced editing capability
  • Digital camera
  • Video camera
  • Frequent flier miles

Contact WIMN about any item on the list, or to discuss other ways you can support WIMN's work!

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Volunteer with WIMN

As a grassroots organization with a big vision for change, we rely on the generous support of volunteers. Want to get involved with WIMN's work? We need volunteers to:

  • Conduct research and write about women and the media
  • Record news broadcasts and radio shows for WIMN's media monitoring program
  • Forward print media clips when you see sexist or inaccurate coverage
  • Provide web maintenance
  • Provide database management
  • Promote our multimedia lectures and media training workshops to your school, community or organization
  • Host fundraising house parties for WIMN
We also need volunteers with experience in:
  • Public relations
  • Graphic design and printing services
  • Grant writing and development

Contact WIMN to discuss how you can contribute to WIMN's work!

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