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Media Justice & Policy Reform

Women In Media & News works to increase the presence and power of women within the grassroots movement for media justice and policy reform, while increasing understanding among feminist and women-led social justice groups that media justice is a women's issue.

WIMN builds bridges between the feminist community, the media reform and media justice movements, and the media itself through a variety of strategies, including:

Advocating for Institutional Change

While we believe that content analysis and media literacy are crucial, we also work to increase awareness of structural biases including corporate media consolidation, the lack of gender and racial diversity within the industry itself, discriminatory media production, and access and distribution issues.

WIMN works formally and informally with allied individuals and organizations in efforts to affect institutional media change. We use a variety of tactics to educate and advocate on these issues, from researching and publicizing the impact of institutional and structural media bias on women's lives, to demanding accountability from media outlets and owners, to using satire to inform women about their stake in media policy debates. Learn more about media justice campaigns women are waging in the U.S. and abroad.

In 2002, WIMN participated in the "Angels of the Public Interest" and "Media Democracy Week" coalition, aimed at challenging FCC deregulation and media policies that jeopardize the public's right to a free, independent and critical press.

Afghan Women's Media Organizing Project

WIMN seeks to be a catalyst for long-term change in the way women's and other social justice groups understand, work with and affect change in the media, as well as in the way media producers relate to women and social justice constituencies.

To further this goal, WIMN launched the Afghan Women's Media Organizing Project, in partnership with Women for Afghan Women (WAW), a community-based Afghan women's human rights group that serves Afghan, Muslim and immigrant women in New York. Read more about the project.

Media Activist and Media Research Guides

WIMN's Resource Guide for Media Activists features some of the best independent media outlets, media advocacy organizations, blogs, publishers and books related to media issues.

WIMN's Field Guide to Media Research provides summaries and links to dozens of recent studies concerning media representation, participation, production and impact. Topics include women/gender, race, youth, LGBT, war and commercialism.

WIMN's Voices Blog

For the latest scoop on the ways emerging technologies, FCC policy and media reform advocacy involve and affect women, the following WIMN's Voices bloggers weigh in regularly on these and other big-picture issues:

Conference Planning Support

WIMN advocates women's inclusion in media justice and reform conferences and events, and helps planners of women's conferences incorporate media topics into their event agendas. Learn more about how WIMN can help you diversify your event.

Additional Components

Multimedia Lectures and Media Training Workshops

Every topic examined through our multimedia lecture series for students and community organizers offers information about media literacy skills, institutional media biases and ways to affect change.

WIMN's media training workshops help women's rights groups and social justice organizations begin to improve media content, while understanding the need for -- and gaining the tools to affect -- structural change.

Conferences, Forums & Public Discussions

WIMN's board and staff regularly speak about women and the media at conferences and public discussions hosted by media organizations, activist groups and academic institutions.

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