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For the Press

Looking for diverse sources, compelling story ideas, accurate research and up-to-the-minute information? Women In Media & News is here to support your efforts:

Contact WIMN

For interview requests or assistance from the POWER Sources Project contact WIMN's Executive Director, Jennifer L. Pozner:

Phone: 347-564-5190 
Email: director@wimnonline.org 

The best way to reach us on deadline is by phone. For other requests, either email directly or use this form.

POWER Sources Project

WIMN's POWER (Perspectives Of Women Expand Reporting) Sources Project helps journalists and producers reach a diverse national network of female experts from a wide array of professional and political backgrounds.

From the New York Times to Glamour magazine, from Fox News to National Public Radio, we've helped leading reporters, editors, columnists, and TV and radio bookers and producers find dynamic new interviewees, commentators and guests. Whether you work in corporate, community or independent media, we’re here to help.

To learn more, visit the POWER Sources Project, where you can also find samples of POWER Sources in the News.

Expertise from WIMN

WIMN is also a trusted source for information on women and media, advertising, politics and pop culture. WIMN's Executive Director, Jennifer L. Pozner, has provided interviews and on-air commentary to the Los Angeles Times, People, Advertising Age, ABC News Now, Fox News Network, Comedy Central, In These Times, Colorlines, Clamor, Pacifica Radio and Free Speech TV, among other news outlets.

Visit WIMN in the News for a list of media appearances and publications that quote WIMN's staff and board. Or contact WIMN with your questions.

What Journalists Say About WIMN

"WIMN has been a great tool in finding diverse guests for a lot of our programming as well as pointing out important issues to us."
--Jessica Golden Writer/Booker, ABC News Now

Read what other journalists and media producers say about WIMN's programs, assistance and analysis.

WIMN's Press Releases

Press releases dating back to 2005 are available here. For earlier information about WIMN's media outreach, contact WIMN.

WIMN's Voices: A Group Blog on Women, Media, AND...

WIMN's Voices, a groundbreaking group blog, features information and commentary from more than 50 leading women journalists, media analysts, scholars and activists. These opinion leaders monitor the portrayals of women in media coverage of economics, race issues, war, science, sports, violence, health, international politics, domestic policy and much more.

Media Groups, Professional Associations and Publications

Below are links to organizations that may prove useful, including media associations, national media organizations, publications and programs covering the media and groups working to improve the media.

» Media Associations

» Media Organizations

» Publications and Programs Covering the Media

» Groups Working to Improve the Media

Along with Women In Media & News, a strong and vibrant assortment of organizations throughout the country are working to improve the American media landscape, as noted in our extensive media resource guide. The following list includes media advocacy groups that also provide resources or forums for media professionals.

Don't see your favorite source listed? Contact WIMN with your suggestions.


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