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Event: Root Causes, Our Cures: Women's Activism for Media Justice and Reform, an interactive workshop at the WAM!2005: Women, Action & Media conference in Cambridge, Mass.

Liza Dichter, board member of WIMN and cofounder of CIMA – Center for International Media Action, works with workshop attendees to outline a list of strategies women can use to effectively advocate for better media content and more just media policy, such as:

  • Creating independent media networks
  • Civil disobedience
  • Legal advocacy/lobbying policymakers
  • Generating public outcry/support for policy change
  • Local pressure and work with local governments on policy issues such as cable broadcasting regulations
  • National partnerships with labor, social justice coalitions, etc.
  • Media watch and monitoring groups

The group collectively brainstormed a short list of resources and organizations doing media advocacy, and encouraged participants to contact the facilitators for additional resources:

  • MoveOn.org
  • Free Speech TV
  • Cable access
  • Zines
  • Independent women’s magazines and publications
  • Low-power FM radio

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