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About Women In Media & News

Women In Media & News (WIMN), a national media analysis, education and advocacy group, was founded in 2001 by media critic and journalist Jennifer L. Pozner with guidance from a diverse team of directors and advisors including journalists, feminists, social justice activists and media reform advocates.

For bios and photos of WIMN's staff, board and volunteers, click here.

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Our Mission

WIMN works to increase women's presence in the public debate, emphasizing those who are least often heard, including women of color, low-income women, lesbians, youth and older women.

WIMN analyzes representations of women in media; trains women's and social justice groups to hold media outlets accountable to the public interest; advocates for policy reform and structural change; and works with journalists to broaden the quantity and diversity of women's voices appearing in the media.

WIMN promotes equity for women as subjects, sources and producers because accurate, diverse news and entertainment media are essential to a vibrant democracy and an informed public.

Our Programs

We believe strongly that media is a women's issue, from content to production to policy. Complex problems require complex solutions, so WIMN's programs utilize multiple strategies:

Media Analysis: including articles, op-eds and studies written by WIMN's staff and board; a dynamic multimedia lecture series for high school and college campus groups on topics involving women, media, politics and pop culture; participation in conferences and public discussions; and WIMN's Voices, a media-monitoring group blog.

Media Education: including skills-building media training workshops for campus groups and community organizations across the United States, and the development of advocacy materials and resource guides for media activists.

Media Outreach: WIMN's POWER (Perspectives Of Women Expand Reporting) Sources Project works with journalists, editors and producers to improve the range and diversity of women's voices appearing in the media.

Media Reform: WIMN engages in ongoing coalition work, public awareness campaigns and other advocacy efforts to transform the media through structural changes in media policy. In 2006, this work will include the Afghan Women's Media Organizing Project, WIMN's strategic partnership with Women for Afghan Women.

Our Reach

WIMN is a regular news source for a wide variety of news outlets including the Los Angeles Times, People, Advertising Age, Fox News Network, ABC News Now, Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and Pacifica Radio. Visit WIMN in the News for a full archive of print, television and radio interviews.

Articles, essays and op-eds written by WIMN's staff and board members have been published in numerous publications ranging from the Chicago Tribune and Newsday to Ms. and Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, as well as educational and general interest anthologies and a growing number of college curricula.

Additionally, WIMN has conducted multimedia presentations and media training workshops on women, media and politics for thousands of students, community members and progressive organizers at colleges, conferences and events across the country.

Read what journalists, activists and students say about WIMN.

Stay Informed

For the latest news about WIMN, including upcoming lectures, conferences and other public events, and a quick look at recently published articles and interviews, check out What's New.

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